Ask a Director Series

Diligent Institute assembled a virtual panel of accomplished global board directors to answer critical questions about board service, good governance practices, and challenging boardroom situations.

Latest Director Question Series Sessions

What are some of the telltale signs that you might be serving on too many boards?

The panel puts forward flexible standards for assessing how much board involvement is too much. They agree that the answer depends heavily from director to director, especially because different boards entail different amounts of engagement and work. Read More

What should the role of an individual director be in a crisis situation?

While panelists discuss the importance of planning before a crisis occurs, they also offer advice for what to do once the crisis is at the company’s door. Individual directors should be ready step up as needed to support management and the board team. Read More

With multinational organizations growing in influence, how should boards think about governance cross border?

Multinational companies face several governance challenges, including maintaining visibility across regions, navigating distinct regulatory environments, and understanding the cultures in which operations occur. The panel suggests some strategies to tackle international governance head-on. Read More

What keeps you coming back to board service? What might make you want to run for the hills?

The panelists break down the aspects of board service that continue to draw them in and the possible circumstances that might make them withdraw. The panelists present board service as dynamic, challenging, and intellectually engaging while flagging the situations that would make it untenable for them. Read More

How are you handling social media risk?

Our panel weighs in on a variety of different social media risks including inappropriate executive communication, employee posting policy, and viral bad press. They also consider how companies should think about social media in today’s world. Read More

How should you handle a single negative thinker in the boardroom?

The panelists debate what it means for a board member to be a “negative thinker.” They explain how they would get down the core of their colleagues objections and the questions they would ask to move the conversation along. It’s important for them to find ways to keep the meetings… Read More

What is your favorite response to “why is board diversity important”?

The panel articulates the best response to questions about the value of board diversity from their view. They bring in research data, anecdotal experience, and high-level framing about the purpose of the board to answer this common question. Read More

Thinking of digital technology, how can the board plan for disruptions they don’t yet know are coming?

Our panelists discuss strategies to detect potential business disruptions and to respond effectively before it’s too late. They also discuss the importance of flexible governance processes and board and executive personalities in this increasingly dynamic business environment. Read More

What is the most palatable approach to board refreshment?

The panelists highlight the importance of transparency and strong, clear board processes when it comes to refreshment. Term limits also come up as an effective way to ensure turnover. Read More

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