Introducing the Corporate Sentiment Tracker

Overview The Corporate Sentiment Tracker™ is based on data derived from Manzama’s Insights™ platform.    Insights is a patent-pending system that uses machine learning to classify corporate news into…


Key Concerns for Directors in 2021: Recovery from COVID-19 Is Top Priority

The following blog post was originally published on Corporate Compliance Insights 2020 was tumultuous to say the least. But between the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, numerous ESG issues and…


Good Governance: Is virtual board work here to stay?

The following blog post was originally published on CU Management. A return to ‘normal’ is less likely than a shift to a ‘new normal’ involving a hybrid approach. By…


The Role of A Director When A Temporary Crisis Becomes Permanent

The following blog post was originally published on Corporate Compliance Insights  Dottie Schindlinger and Kira Ciccarelli from the Diligent Institute detail how the lingering effects of the pandemic are…


How Has COVID-19 Changed the Relationship Between Boards and Management?

The following blog post was originally published in Corporate Compliance Insights  As the pandemic continues to take its toll on the economy and on the wider world, corporations have…


What Can Boards Do to Create Structure and Process Around Innovation?

This article is part of the series, the Salzburg Questions for Corporate Governance by the Salzburg Global Corporate Governance Forum. Among the line-up of…


Leveling the Playing Field: 2020 Sees Major Strides for US Women in Sports, Boardrooms and Beyond

Please enjoy this blog post I wrote as it originally appeared on the Diligent Insights website, January 30, 2020. It’s not yet Feburary, and already 2020 has been…


The Changing Pace & Role of Nominations and Governance Board Committees

Recently, Diligent launched new governance data tools designed to feed the curiosity of board directors with better access to insights and analytics. Last week, I had the opportunity to…

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