Diligent Forum

Diligent Forum

What Is Diligent Forum?

Diligent Forum, the latest offering from Diligent Institute, is a series of private, invitation only groups for elite board leaders to share best practices with each other and engage with key stakeholders in a confidential setting.

We draw on decades of governance experience, the expertise of like minded strategic partners, and data and insights from Diligent Corporation, the leader in governance with over 700,000 board members on its platform.

Developed with input from board leaders from the largest global companies, the Forum creates an atmosphere of trust among a small group of true peers.


Why Diligent Forum?

A growing and demanding set of stakeholders have placed the work of large, public company boards in the spotlight. As expectations rise, many seek learning opportunities outside their own boardrooms to keep pace. For participants, engaging with peers drives thought leadership, innovation, and problem solving.

  • Agenda: Set by the Diligent Institute team, with input from partners and participants.
  • Frequency: Meeting frequency is forum-specific. Base format is twice per year.
  • Format: Mix of peer-to-peer conversation and dialogue with subject matter experts, other keynote guests.
  • Output: Written and video content designed to be shared with board colleagues, management teams, and advisors.

“As a public company board member, it is critical for me to stay current. There is so much value in being in a room full of peers for substantive discussions. These are people  who share the problems I have and will give me the knowledge I need.”

Next Gen Board Leaders

Next Gen Board Leaders, now part of Diligent Forum, was created in response to the digital complexities and shifting demographics impacting today’s companies. The program is designed to highlight the value that a younger generation of board members can bring to emerging areas of board oversight such as digital transformation, cyber risk, talent strategy, sustainability and climate risk.



Partnership Opportunities

Diligent Institute invites firms to partner on the Diligent Forum. Contact us to learn more.


Contact Us

To learn more about Diligent Forum and how you or your firm can get involved, please reach out to the Diligent Institute.

Eric Shor, Global Head, Diligent Forum