Diligent Institute Certification Programs

Diligent Institute Certification Programs

Board Education

Diligent Institute offers certificate programs designed to equip board directors and executives with the skills and knowledge needed to address the most pressing modern governance challenges and opportunities. We currently offer the following programs:

Each one is a virtual eLearning program of a number of courses featuring industry experts, academics and board-level executives sharing insight and best practices on topics such as environmental, social, governance, and cybersecurity.

Why Take Diligent Institute’s Certificate Programs?

  • Enhance your leadership credentials and marketability
  • Stay ahead of the curve with the latest knowledge and skills
  • Position your organization for success
  • Experience practical, real-world scenarios
  • Gain opportunities to network with peers
  • Receive credentials and sample language to include in your next proxy statement


AI Ethics & Board Oversight

Making sound, ethical decisions on artificial intelligence (AI) for your organization is imperative.

The Diligent Institute AI Ethics & Board Oversight Certification, developed in partnership with Volkov Law, is an exclusive e-learning curriculum developed in collaboration with leaders in ethics, compliance, AI, data science, regulation and law. The Certification helps board members and executives like you navigate the ethical challenges inherent in AI and capitalize on the opportunities, helping you steer your organization toward sustainable, trustworthy practices.

  • Learn more about ethics and compliance frameworks, the context and basics of AI, the intersection of AI and ethics, regulatory considerations and how to structure board oversight of AI-related decisions
  • Access an exclusive curriculum developed in partnership with Volkov Law and other industry experts
  • Complete the program at your own pace, including four eLearning courses, each about 2 hours in length, with brief videos, written guidance, glossaries, interactive exercises, case studies, curated reading and a final exam
  • Participate in immersive, guided thought experiments exploring the ethical dimensions of real-world applications of AI
  • Join virtual roundtable discussions with experts featured in the eLearning courses
  • Sign up for an annual subscription for ongoing access to the course content, updated regularly, and monthly virtual roundtables even after you complete the program



Climate Leadership

Diligent Climate Leadership Certification ProgramAs the world faces increasing challenges from climate change, the need for leaders who can effectively address these issues has never been greater.

The Climate Leadership Certification covers all aspects of climate leadership, including sustainability, renewable energy, and carbon markets. Our curriculum is taught by industry experts and is designed to provide a hands-on, practical learning experience. You’ll leave the program with a deep understanding of the current climate landscape and the ability to make informed decisions about mitigating the impact of climate change.

  • Four required courses: Risk & Reward: Connecting Climate to the Balance Sheet; How Climate Connects to a Director’s or Officer’s Fiduciary Duty; Structuring Oversight of Climate Risk; Climate Reporting, Disclosure & Investor Engagement
  • Choose two elective courses: Greenhouse Gas Accounting & Climate Commitments; Aligning Incentives & Climate Commitments; Climate Litigation; Carbon Markets; Green Building, ESG & Sustainable Finance
  • An exclusive curriculum developed with industry experts including Glass Lewis and the ESG & Impact Practice at Kirkland & Ellis LLP
  • Join monthly optional virtual roundtables to hear directly from the faculty, ask any questions and meet with your peers
  • Keep your skills up to date and earn up to 23 hours CLE credits and 7.9 CPE credits



Cyber Risk & Strategy

Logo: Diligent Cyber Risk and Strategy CertificationWith increased pressure from regulators for board members to upskill in cybersecurity, now is the time to build your competency.

This comprehensive certification program covers all aspects of cyber risk and strategy, including threat assessment, risk management, and incident response. Our curriculum is taught by industry experts and is designed to provide a hands-on, practical learning experience. You’ll leave the program with a deep understanding of the current cybersecurity landscape and the ability to make informed decisions about protecting your organization.

  • Four courses: The Cybersecurity & Regulation Landscape; Cyber Risk Management & Oversight; Digital Strategy; Cyber Breaches
  • Participate in a simulated real-world tabletop exercise to put your learning to the test
  • Join regular optional virtual roundtables to hear directly from the faculty, ask any questions and meet with your peers



ESG Leadership

Logo: Diligent ESG Leadership CertificationAs the world shifts towards a more sustainable future, the demand for leaders who understand the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues has never been greater.

This ESG Leadership Certificate covers all aspects of environmental, social, and governance, including sustainability, stakeholder engagement, and responsible investment. The curriculum, created in partnership with Competent Boards, features over 50 faculty members and is designed specifically for corporate directors, executives and other modern leaders to help them better understand and fully embrace their role in providing strategic direction and oversight of ESG.

  • 12 courses: Understanding New Geopolitical Risks and Expectations for Companies; Dealing with Dilemmas: Turning Business Risks into Opportunities; How to Use the UN Sustainable Development Goals Strategically; Learning the Impacts of Climate Change and a Board’s Accountability; How to Build ESG Oversight and Foresight; Understanding Human Rights and Environmental Issues in Supply Chains; Creating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Wellness in the Boardroom and Beyond; Gaining Trust: Anti-corruption, Integrity and Transparency Best Practices; Understanding Responsible Use of Data, Cybersecurity, and Digitization; Addressing Tax, Investment & Pay in an ESG-focused World; Maximizing Shareholder and Stakeholder Engagement Around Disclosure; Becoming a Steward of the Future: Best Practices in Corporate Governance.
  • Join monthly optional Q&A sessions to discuss a case study with your peers