Embracing New Perspectives: Skillset Diversity in the Boardroom


Presented by Diligent and the Kellogg Center for Executive Women

The last eighteen months have brought about a sea of changes in priorities for the business world. As companies adapt to better serve all stakeholders, boards must grapple with ESG issues like climate change and sustainability, workforce challenges and DEI policies in ways they never have before, even integrating them more robustly into long-term strategic planning. Given these new priorities and challenges, and as we enter this dynamic era, board members a need to look for directors with a new and unique set of skills, perspectives and backgrounds than more traditional backgrounds that have been the norm in the past. Is the chatter around ESG and more widespread disruption and change actually affecting the types of people being appointed as directors? Is talent in the boardroom evolving? As this change progresses, how can you effectively market yourself and your unique background to find a board that is seeking fresh perspectives? 

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