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About the Report

Strong corporate governance has never been more important than it is today.

We live in a time when companies are facing skepticism from all sides – questions from regulators, investors, politicians, employees, and from the public at-large seem to surface at every turn. While some of the scrutiny focuses on companies’ operations or centers on specific decisions made (or not made), on a more fundamental level, these questions are about intentions and speak to a decline in trust in business. Meanwhile, corporate leaders are increasingly expected to be adept at handling a broader array of complex and highly technical issues at faster and faster speeds – on issues ranging from automation, to digital disruption, to artificial intelligence, to quantum computing, to cyber risk, to global climate change, all without clear guidance or textbooks on how modern governance is supposed to work.

We created Diligent Institute to enrich that critical dialogue by taking feedback and ideas from the over 650,000 directors and governance professionals in our network. It’s their ingenuity, hard work, and diverse set of experiences that we synthesize and present in our reports. In this 2019 Year in Review, we take a look back at Diligent Institute’s accomplishments during its first year of operation.

About the Author

Annie Kors

Former Lead Researcher

Annie Kors worked as the original Lead Researcher for the Diligent Institute.She authored several reports for The Institute, including “Winds of Change: Environmental Sustainability Rises to the Board Level” and “Governing Through the Fog: Corporate Director Perspectives on Political Uncertainty.” Before joining Diligent, she held research roles at organizations in a variety of sectors including IT and technology consulting, higher education, and documentary filmmaking. She holds a BA in History from Yale University.