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Redefining our Focus

Since Diligent Institute’s inception in December 2018, our goal has always been to share broadly all that we are learning about governance practices to help corporate leaders guide their organizations successfully, sustainably and ethically.

In our first year, we talked to corporate leaders about the biggest challenges facing their organizations and published reports on the case for modern governance, leading through political uncertainty and the rise of stakeholder capitalism — topics that would grow even more important in the years to come. In the years following, nearly everything we knew about corporate governance shifted rapidly. In an era where new issues came to light each day, we followed the research and the voices of corporate leaders where they led us to gain insight on the most pressing topics.

In 2022, we learned to hone, refine, and focus our research to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world —deciding in 2023 to organize our reports under four banners: Boards and Governance; Risk and Strategy; Audit, Ethics and Compliance; and ESG and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Our first-ever Board Diversity Gaps report, a comprehensive look at boardroom diversity and composition involving over 20 research partners from around the
world, has become the model for this reorganization.

Meanwhile, thriving global partnerships have enabled us to expand further into new regions for the Institute’s research, allowing us to publish two reports in multiple languages, including a report connecting ESG maturity to board effectiveness in Spanish in partnership with Esade and a report on gender diversity in Japan, published in Japanese in partnership with Human Resource Governance Leaders (HRGL).

With this streamlined research approach; a wealth of valuable partnerships around the world; and the ability to tie together surveys, interviews, news analytics, quantitative data from company filings, insights from subject matter experts and more, Diligent Institute is uniquely positioned to dive deeply into the core challenges for our director audience, delivering new insights to drive modern governance.

Expanding Our Offerings

This year, Diligent Institute also redefined our vision: not only to inform but also to educate, and connect leaders to champion modern governance. In addition to providing research, our new offerings include:

  • Certifications and educational programs that equip leaders with the knowledge and credentials needed to guide their organizations through existential challenges
  • Peer networks that convene directors and corporate executives to share best practices and insights
  • Awards and recognition programs that celebrate the accomplishments of those who champion modern governance

In 2022, we launched our first certificate programs to better meet the needs of our director audience. Each program is designed to be highly practical and able to be implemented quickly, and leverages the insights and knowledge of expert practitioners. Our first program focuses on climate and was created in collaboration with global law firm Kirkland & Ellis and leading proxy advisory firm Glass Lewis. Our second program tackles ESG topics more broadly
and was created in partnership with Competent Boards.

The response has been overwhelming: Hundreds of directors have enrolled to up their competence and confidence in climate- and ESG-related issues. In 2023, we will launch our third certificate program on cyber risk and strategy to combat another area of top concern for directors and other business leaders.

In 2023 and beyond, we will continue to expand and bring cutting-edge training and certifications to our director and executive audience. Our Next Gen Board Leaders program, a peer networking opportunity for public company directors under the age of 50, continues to thrive. In 2023, we will expand on this program and launch additional peer networking opportunities for directors and executives of companies leading the way in modern governance.

As we move forward on providing more education and networking opportunities for our audience in the coming year, we also intend to expand our recognition programs to further highlight champions of modern governance.

Looking to 2023 and Beyond

Diligent Institute is here to lead on governance issues and help directors and other corporate leaders guide their organizations through the most challenging, turbulent and uncertain times. In the coming year we look forward to partnering with the each of you to inform through our research, educate with best-in-class certificate programs, build connections by fostering networking environments and spotlight the best examples of modern governance!

About the Author

Kira Ciccarelli

Kira Ciccarelli

Lead Researcher of Diligent Institute

Kira Ciccarelli is the Lead Researcher at the Diligent Institute. Diligent Institute is the modern governance think tank and research arm of Diligent Corporation, the leading provider in board collaboration software. In her role, Kira works to conduct and provide high-level modern governance research to inform director decision-making and identify best practices. Before joining Diligent, Kira worked in a variety of data-driven research roles, including analyzing global aid funds to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and compiling a meta-analysis of political experimental findings for the Analyst Institute. She holds a BA in Public Policy from the College of William & Mary.