Beyond the Boardroom: How Corporate Directors Gain Insight

| Annie Kors

About the Report

Diligent Institute sought to ask a simple question: What are directors doing to gain insight and prepare for board meetings?

This study looks at the types of information directors seek as they prepare for board meetings, how they feel about what they receive from their management teams, and where else they turn for insights and education. The results help elucidate directors’ meeting preparation practices for those who work with boards on a regular basis – including CEOs, General Counsels, Corporate Secretaries, and other governance professionals. This report also reveals opportunities for these actors to re-examine their board information and communication models.

Diligent Institute surveyed directors from around the world to learn how they currently prepare for board meetings. The data on how directors prepare for meetings is reviewed through two different lenses:

  • The percentage of directors who engaged in each activity.
  • The percentage of time directors spent on each activity, on average.

The results might surprise you.

About the Author

Annie Kors

Former Lead Researcher

Annie Kors worked as the original Lead Researcher for the Diligent Institute.She authored several reports for The Institute, including “Winds of Change: Environmental Sustainability Rises to the Board Level” and “Governing Through the Fog: Corporate Director Perspectives on Political Uncertainty.” Before joining Diligent, she held research roles at organizations in a variety of sectors including IT and technology consulting, higher education, and documentary filmmaking. She holds a BA in History from Yale University.