Learn more about how boards oversee environmental sustainability

Diligent Institute conducted a global study of governance behaviors, attitudes, and policies around board governance of environmental and sustainability issues, such climate change, resource scarcity, and massive weather events.

Environmental Sustainability Global Governance Report

Investors, media outlets, and director education resources have all been emphasizing this topic recently, and October’s UN report on climate change stoked popular interest even more. We set out to put some data behind the conversation and understand what directors are actually doing at the board level. Do directors expect to discuss these issues in the boardroom more, or less, over the coming years? Do their organizations have processes in place for environmental and sustainability oversight? Why do boards care? We will be releasing the results of this global study in the inaugural Diligent Institute Report, and you can be the first to find out. Fill out the form below and you’ll receive a copy of the report when it’s released.