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Is it time to rethink the talent in the boardroom?

Trends in Director Talent and Board Diversity In our recent paper focused on the skill sets of new non-executive director (NED) appointees, the data suggested that there is…


What Can Boards Do to Create Structure and Process Around Innovation?

This article is part of the series, the Salzburg Questions for Corporate Governance by the Salzburg Global Corporate Governance Forum. Among the line-up…


Beyond the Boardroom: How Corporate Directors Gain Insight

Diligent Institute surveyed directors on how they gain insight and prepare for board meetings. The results were surprising - especially for corporate secretaries and legal teams who dedicate time to creating reports for directors.


The Changing Pace & Role of Nominations and Governance Board Committees

Recently, Diligent launched new governance data tools designed to feed the curiosity of board directors with better access to insights and analytics. Last week, I had the opportunity to…

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