What Directors Think

Find out what's on the minds of public company directors from Corporate Board Member and Diligent Institute.

Every fall, as part of its long-running What Directors Think franchise, Corporate Board Member surveys hundreds of public company board members on the topics that are top of the agenda in the boardroom for the year to come. For this 18th edition of the research, Diligent Institute partnered with Corporate Board Member and asked 400 directors about the challenges and opportunities they see on the horizon as we kick off 2021.

Key Findings:

  • Covid-19 and its impact on the economy tops corporate directors’ list of concerns as we head into 2021, followed closely by the political landscape
  • Half of directors say the events of 2020 have heightened their boards’ awareness of the need for diversity and inclusion—both in and out of the boardroom?
  • Although directors say it’s now become an integral part of the overarching strategy, ESG discussions with shareholders were scarce in 2020
  • Cyber risk is back on boards’ agenda priorities, as companies pivot to a remote-work environment
  • The majority of directors continues to find new technologies and culture as the most challenging aspect to oversee in their role
  • After pausing at the height of the crisis in the spring/summer of 2020, an increasing number of companies are once again turning their attention to growth and M&A opportunities

Download the full report below.