Good governance matters.
The Institute’s mission
is to empower it globally.

Good governance has the power to drive financial performance, improve transparency and accountability, and deliver benefits to all stakeholders. Diligent has the privilege of working with boards across 14,000 organizations in 90 countries – we’re giving back to our industry with The Institute.

Why was The Institute created?

The Institute provides publicly available, industry-leading research on global board governance. Today’s increasingly dynamic world presents a dizzying array of economic opportunities and challenges. As companies navigate that environment, high-quality governance is more important than ever to ensure effective oversight, protect and create jobs, and positively impact the economy. The Institute equips board directors and corporate leadership teams at organizations around the globe with the information to make forward-looking decisions that leave a meaningful mark on the world. Given Diligent’s reach, the Institute’s research is derived from real experience across sectors and geographies, utilizing quantitative surveys, case studies, and interviews with leading professionals.

Who are we?

Diligent Institute is a think tank founded in 2018 to offer a global perspective on the complex and disruptive board governance topics that directors and leadership teams are tackling today. The Institute serves as the global governance research arm of Diligent Corporation, the leading Enterprise Governance Management provider of secure corporate governance and collaboration solutions for boards and senior executives. The Diligent Institute is solely funded by the Diligent Corporation.

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Institute Reports

Stakeholders Take Center Stage

Read Diligent Institute’s research report about how directors prioritize stakeholder interests. Read More

Political Uncertainty

Read Diligent Institute’s research report about how boards of directors are handling political uncertainty. Read More

Modern Governance

Read Diligent Institute’s research report examining the relationship between strong corporate governance and firm performance. Read More

Ask a Director Series

What bucks stop with the board around corporate culture?

Our panelists offer their perspectives on the board of directors’ role in corporate culture. The panelists describe tactics for more effectively measuring corporate culture and setting the tone at the top. They also highlight the difficulty of this oversight responsibility given the centrality of the CEO’s role. Read More

What are some of the telltale signs that you might be serving on too many boards?

The panel puts forward flexible standards for assessing how much board involvement is too much. They agree that the answer depends heavily from director to director, especially because different boards entail different amounts of engagement and work. Read More

What should the role of an individual director be in a crisis situation?

While panelists discuss the importance of planning before a crisis occurs, they also offer advice for what to do once the crisis is at the company’s door. Individual directors should be ready step up as needed to support management and the board team. Read More

Meet the Advisory Board

Anastassia Lauterbach, PhD

Chairwoman at Censhare, Non-Executive Director at Wirecard and easyJet, senior advisor to McKinsey and Company, and author of The Artificial Intelligence Imperative: A Practical Roadmap for Business.


Brian Stafford

CEO of Diligent Corporation, co-author of Governance in the Digital Age.

David Larcker, PhD

James Irvin Miller Professor of Accounting and Director of the Corporate Governance Research Initiative at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Dottie Schindlinger

Vice President of Thought Leadership at Diligent Corporation, co-author of Governance in the Digital Age.

Peter Gleason

President and CEO of the National Association of Corporate Directors.

Rahul K. Bhardwaj

CEO of the Institute of Corporate Directors.

Susan Forrester, AM

Director on the Boards of Directors of G8 Education Ltd, Over the Wire, and Xenith IP Group, as well as Chairman of National Veterinary Care Ltd.

Susan Kilsby

Non-Executive Director of Unilever, BHP, and Fortune Brand Home and Security.

TK Kerstetter

Founder and CEO of Boardroom Resources, Editor-at-Large of Corporate Board Member, and Host of “Inside America’s Boardrooms”