Climate Leadership Certification

Elevate your impact with the Diligent Institute Climate Leadership Certification to prepare for climate risk, strategy and disclosure.


About the program

Good governance is hard, and the challenges are growing. Board members and executive leaders must oversee a wide array of risks and opportunities – with climate being added to the extensive list of enterprise-wide risks to consider in long-term strategic decision making.

The Diligent Institute Climate Leadership Certificate program equips board members, executives and modern leaders with the knowledge to effectively oversee climate risk and lead with confidence in the boardroom.

Access four required and five elective courses covering the most pertinent informaion to enable you to meet your fiduciary responsibilities around climate and sustainability oversight. Watch thoughtful panel discussions, read unique content developed with Kirkland & Ellis, participate in interactive exercises and discussion groups and put your klearning to the test with quizes and a final exam. The program is expected to take approximately 17 hours to complete.

Climate Leadership Cert

Benefits of enrolling

Enroll your board and management team to develop climate and sustainability literacy and competency across the organization.

Regulatory requirements

Get ready for impending regulation from the SEC requiring climate-related disclosures, while CSRD and others already require thorough reporting.

Skills gap

Having a strong climate strategy is important. But there is a lack of confidence in boards’ level of preparedness to handle climate issues. Develop key expertise and competencies for effective oversight.

Stakeholder demands

Address stakeholder demands and get ready for proxy season to disclose your further education.


Designed to NASBA standards, keep your skills up to date and earn up to 23 hours CLE credits and 9 CPE credits.

Unrivalled expertise

Access an exclusive global curriculum developed with industry experts including Glass Lewis and the ESG & Impact Practice at Kirkland & Ellis LLP.

Enterprise risk management

Enhance enterprise risk management of climate and sustainability by learning techniques for effective governance and oversight.

Proud to receive a Silver Stevie award.

Climate Leadership Certification Stevie

Learning objectives

At the conclusion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Identify climate risk to the balance sheet and identify solutions to potential challenges.
  • Select how to prepare for increased climate scrutiny by shareholders and other stakeholders.
  • Recognize approaches to identification, oversight, and management of climate risk, including metric selection and risk-based due diligence strategies.
  • Distinguish the key voluntary reporting initiatives and how they relate to each other and emerging regulatory requirement.
  • Identify the key pending, current, and proposed climate disclosure regulations around the world.
  • Recognize goals, key outputs, and challenges of climate-related scenario analysisIdentify key pending, current, and proposed climate disclosure regulations in different regions.


Learn from over 40 renowned subject matter experts who deliver impactful courses on topics such as connecting climate to the balance sheet, how climate connects to the board’s fiduciary duty and structuring oversight of climate risk.

Required course details

The program is available as a self-paced e-learning experience and includes four required and two elective courses with video panel sessions featuring subject matter and industry experts, curated readings, interactive exercises and online networking among participants.

This course provides a high-level overview of the opportunities and risks posed to business by climate change and explains why climate has become a central focus for corporate leaders in terms of strategy and risk oversight.

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Advise on the benefits for company leadership overseeing climate governance, risk management, and strategy  
  • Describe how climate change can impact financial returns 
  • Understand the current regulatory landscape surrounding climate-related disclosure requirements
  • Link climate risk to the balance sheet and identify solutions to potential challenges

Understand the history of climate-related fiduciary duty litigation, examine the duties of loyalty and care under Delaware law and discuss recent landmark cases on director liability. Leverage learnings to identify strategies for informed decision-making.

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Articulate how the duties of loyalty and care under Delaware, English, European, and Australian laws could apply to climate change and may evolve over time
  • Outline the history of climate-related fiduciary duty litigation in the US and UK, with a brief discussion of the European context
  • Use concepts provided to prepare for increased climate scrutiny by shareholders and other stakeholders

Explore the role of the board and senior management in overseeing climate risk. The course includes an overview of the TCFD framework, climate governance and strategy, risk management, metrics and targets and a brief overview of climate risk modeling.

At the conclusion of this session, you will be able to:

  • Describe the main components of the TCFD framework
  • Articulate the goals, key outputs, and challenges of climate-related scenario analysis
  • Describe approaches to identification, oversight, and management of climate risk, including metric selection and risk-based due diligence strategies

Identify the key current, pending and proposed climate disclosure regulations in the US, UK and EU, highlighting key moments in climate regulation history. Explore the voluntary reporting initiatives, how they relate to each other and the priorities of investor coalitions and climate campaigns.

At the conclusion of this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify the key pending, current, and proposed climate disclosure requirements in the US, UK, EU and Australia
  • List the key voluntary reporting initiatives and how they relate to each other
  • Articulate priorities of key investor coalitions and campaigns related to climate change

Elective course details

Access all elective courses and complete two in order to graduate from the Climate Leadership Certification.

This course provides a grounding in the basics of greenhouse gas accounting, including standards, associated terminology, and third-party validation, as well as regulatory/enforcement and other considerations for making climate commitments.

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

  • List the different types of climate commitments and associated terminology, and describe the third parties that validate them
  • Identify key US, EU, and UK regulatory and enforcement risks in different types of climate commitments and develop risk mitigation strategies
  • Develop questions you can ask your own organization around its greenhouse gas measurements, reporting, and audit/assurance

Review different strategies for incentivizing climate action, including aligning executive compensation to climate commitments, connecting climate incentives to broader corporate strategy and financial performance. Review and understand the risks and benefits in each strategy.

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe different strategies for aligning compensation plans with climate objectives
  • Identify different ways companies are incentivizing climate action
  • Consider the best ways to connect climate incentives to corporate strategy

Dive deeper into the key types of current climate litigation claims, the ways they come about and related trends. Discuss risk mitigation strategies for each type of claim and execute a response to a sample climate litigation scenario.

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Appreciate the dynamic nature of climate litigation risk faced by companies across different industry sectors, and the fact that litigation risk is increasing in the US and globally
  • Articulate the key types of climate-related litigation faced by companies, the strategic purposes of such litigation (which may seek behavioral change rather than monetary damages), and examples of jurisdictions and forums in which such claims have been brought to date
  • Identify potential strategies and risk management practices to reduce climate litigation risk

Learn about key carbon markets and explore differences between voluntary and mandatory carbon markets. Discover the risks inherent in the voluntary markets, key objectives of the Task Force on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets (TFSVCM) and how the social cost of carbon impacts business.

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Articulate the difference between voluntary and mandatory carbon markets
  • List the key mandatory markets in the US, UK, EU, and China
  • Articulate the risks inherent in the voluntary markets
  • Outline the key trends influencing carbon markets today

This course, developed in collaboration with the U.S. Green Building Council, provides an overview of the goals of green building, ESG, and sustainable finance as market transformation. At the conclusion of the course you will be able to identify considerations for green building practice, identify opportunities for green building to contribute to high performance and review current and emerging issues including decarbonization, electrification, health promotion, and equity.

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the goals of green building, ESG, and sustainable finance as market transformation tools;
  • Identify considerations for green building practice
  • Distinguish the purposes of different ESG reporting frameworks and identify opportunities for green building to contribute to higher performance
  • Review current and emerging issues, including decarbonization, electrification, health promotion, and equity


Share your Climate Leadership Certification upon graduation.

A digital badge of honor

Proudly display your certification badge, showcasing your commitment to climate and sustainability oversight excellence on LinkedIn.

Network with peers

Continue to connect with like-minded professionals from diverse industries, fostering collaboration and shared best practices.

Prestigious certification

Upon successful completion, receive a Diligent Institute Climate Leadership certificate to elevate your professional profile.

Proxy statement language

Share your further education achievement in your next proxy statement or disclosure with sample language provided.

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  • A very useful course to provide a detailed curated information set on the current factors affecting directors responsibilities and resources available to them in delivering their directors duties. The Diligent Institute Climate Leadership Certification program is a thoughtfully curated and informative series of self guided materials that enable the individual to explore a number of different aspects that can affect their decisions in the board room.

    Fiona MacAulay

    Senior Independent Director

    Ferrexpo PLC

  • I gained much information in studying this course program. It will assist me in leading the companies that I preside over as an independent non-executive chairman. Especially the stock/securities exchange listed companies. To be successful, it is imperative that listed companies subscribe to ESG and climate change. There is no alternative.

    Mbendeni Humphrey Mathe

    Non Executive Director

    Council for Geoscience

  • Seeking to improve my knowledge and understanding on the basis for and requirements of Climate Related Financial Disclosures and its implications to corporate governance and the balance sheet, this program hit the mark. With a good choice of electives, I was exposed to expert practitioners and can readily access information helpful for current and future oversight efforts.

    Will Clarke

    Corporate Board Director

    Clarke Growth & Sustainment Strategies LLC

  • The Diligent Institute team worked hand-in-hand with an amazing group of global experts to create a “must-take” course for all current and aspiring Board Members. Becoming conversant in the issues related to Climate Leadership is now paramount to effectively discharging our duties as executives and directors.

    Rafael Andres Diaz-Granados

    Chair and CEO


  • It was great experience. The course was very well designed in terms of providing information, study material, videos, panel discussions and quizzes. The Diligent team was always available to sort out any operational challenge one may face. I would recommend everyone for Diligent courses.

    Anuj Arora

    Company Secretary and DVP- Legal

    Aviva Life Insurance Company India Limited

  • One of the best courses I have ever taken, well-documented and with great panelists.

    Marcelino De Santiago

    Executive/President & COO

    Borderland Partners LLC

  • I found this program; well organized, informative, relevant and a great resource for Directors seeking knowledge around climate change and its connection to the corporate world. The program blends information on global financial risk, legal considerations, international regulations, resources merged with a path forward.

    Cynthia M Ruiz

    President of the Board

    Los Angeles City Employees Retirement System LACERS

  • This class opened my eyes to the risks and opportunities of climate change. The data from this class is clear, the facts are compelling, and boards, companies, states and countries have steps to take to preserve our financial markets, the right to life, and our future. Thank you Diligent Institute!

    Daphne E. Jones

    Non-Executive Director & CEO (The Board Curators)

    AMN Healthcare, Barnes Group, Masonite Int’l

  • This was outstanding. My understanding of this topic has increased exponentially. Not only will I be a better director as a result, I will make changes in my overall life to ensure I am part of the solution. I will be more proactive in articulating the issues with a sense of urgency.

    Sandra K Johnson

    Independent Director

    Regional Management Corporation

  • Excellent and thorough course on climate issues for Directors. I believe we all need this level of knowledge, at minimum, to serve on a board today. I leaned far more than I believed was possible. The continuous testing and final exam were a useful to solidify the learning. Well done Diligent Institute!

    Linda Anne Stromme

    Corporate Director

Continuing professional education accreditation details

The Diligent Institute Climate Leadership Certification is a unique e-learning program that prepares business leaders to oversee climate risk and create sustainable growth strategies for their companies. With increased pressure from regulators, investors and shareholders, corporate leaders are seeking education on ESG issues. Current and rising directors seek a competitive edge on climate risk & strategy – both for themselves and their companies.

CEU Institute is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors through its website.

  • Instructional delivery: QAS self-study
  • CPE credit hour: 9.0
  • CLE credit hour: 18.0
  • Field of study: Specialized knowledge
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Advanced preparation: None
  • Program level: Intermediate
  • Refund/cancellation policy: Provide written notice to Diligent at If notice of cancellation in accordance with this section is received before access to the Diligent Institute Certification is granted, program fees will be refunded to you. You can view our cancellation and refund policy here.
  • Complaint resolution policy: Provide written details to Diligent at
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Meet the graduates

Congratulations to those who have successfully completed the Diligent Climate Leadership Certificate program! Meet the certified leaders below.

  • Alya Aisyah Fadil

    Manager, Corporate Sustainability, Yinson Holdings Berhad

  • Ana Dutra

    Global Corporate Board Director​

  • Renard Siew

    Head of Corporate Sustainability, Yinson Holdings Berhad

  • Adam Salgado

    Chief Marketing Officer, Heritage Grocers Group

  • Rose Hartwig

    Managing Partner, CMO Marketing Fluency

  • Denise Jackson

    Chair, Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee, Tractor Supply Company

  • Anne L. Alonzo

    Independent Director, Potlatch Deltic; Unitil

  • Raghwendra Kumar Verma

    Cheif Legal & Compliance Officer and Group Company Secretary, ISON

  • Ricardo G. Perez

    Lead Director, Menper Group

  • Ileana Musa

    Managing Director, Latino Corporate Directors, Member

  • Ofelia Kumpf

    Independent Director, Frontier Group Holdings, Inc., Frontier Airlines

  • Anne De Greef-Safft

    Non-Executive Director, ADS Consulting, LLC

  • Nicole M. Vogrin

    Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Western Union

  • Katheline Jean-Pierre

    Managing Director, LinkedIn

  • Ixchell Duarte

    Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, CNL Financial Group LLC

  • Maria Garcia Nielsen

    Independent Director, Mibanco Credicorp (NYSE:BAP)

  • Brian Halligan

    Executive Chairperson, HubSpot

  • Rodrigo Garcia

    Non-Executive Director, Talipot Holdings

  • Dara Strickland

    Solomon Board Member, American Cancer Society

  • Sonia Perez

    Non-Executive Director

  • Roberto Medrano

    CEO, Beach View Capital

  • Eric T. McKissack

    Independent Director, Farmer Mac

  • Michelle Goolsby

    Director, Simply Good Foods

  • Sheila Hooda

    Independent Board Director, Enact Holdings

  • Pamela “Shelly” Hogans

    Managing Consultant, EFAS

  • Theda Marcelle Daniels-Race, PhD

    Endowed Professor/Nanotechnology – Louisiana State University

  • Margarita H. Colmenares

    Consultant, Latino Corporate Directors Association

  • Manuel Manny Cofresí Jr.

    EVP, US Bank / Elavon

  • Angelique Brunner

    Founder / CEO, Eb5 capital

  • Deborah P. Ashton

    President, Planet Perspective LLC

  • Kristen Beck Sullivan

    Partner – Sustainability and ESG Services Leader, Deloitte

  • Eugene C. Connell

    Board Director, Erie Indemnity Company

  • Linda E. Jones

    Healthcare Leader, Marsh

  • Gloria Romero Roses

    Principal, Nexus Living III

  • William E. Alvarez Jr

    Retired CFO, COO & Secretary, Harvest Capital

  • Lauri M. Shanahan

  • Francisco J. Uriarte CVA, CMAA

    Managing Member, ESP Capital Advisors, LLC

  • Merline Saintil

    Lead Independent Director | Investor | Speaker, Rocket Lab, Symbotic, Gitlab,TD Synnex, Evolv Technology

  • Lila A. Manassa Murphy

    Chief Financial Officer, Dundee Corporation

  • Jose A. Llontop

    Independent Director, The Barton Group; Executive Partner, Salt Creek Capital

  • Herbert Mazariegos

    Chief Anti-Money Laundering Executive, BMO Financial Group

  • Susan C Morisato

    Principal, SCay Business Consulting

  • Phil Senn

    Head of Climate, Woolworths Group

  • Daphne E. Jones

    Non-Executive Director & CEO (The Board Curators), AMN Healthcare, Barnes Group, Masonite Int’l

  • Bohdan Zronek

    Member of the Board of Directors, Chief Nuclear Officer CEZ, a.s.

  • Christiane Wuillamie OBE

    Cambridge & Counties Bank

  • Fiona Walmsley

    General Manager Climate & Environment, Woolworths Group

  • Glenn Alan Votek

    Board Director, Annaly Capital

  • Denice Torres

    Board Member, Surface, 2seventybio, Karuna, Glaukos, Resilience

  • Cris Topfner-Rigby

    North East Water Corporation

  • Rebecca Tolene

    Chief Sustainability Officer, Tennessee Valley Authority

  • Patchanita Thamyongkit

    Independent Director, Banpu Power Company Limited

  • Susan J Templeton

    Vice Chair, Sebold Capital Management

  • Linda Anne Stromme

    Corporate Director

  • Deanna Stewart

    President, Mount Carmel Foundation

  • Marcelino De Santiago

    Executive/President & COO, Borderland Partners LLC

  • Bonita C. Stewart

    Board Director and Corporate Governance Chair, Deckers Outdoor Corporation

  • Janet Stevens

    VP Quality/Chief Quality Officer (Retired), Hillrom (now part of Baxter Healthcare)

  • Victoria Spackman

    Director, Allegra Productions

  • Joe Ryan

    Chief Financial Officer, Davy

  • Cynthia M Ruiz

    President of the Board, Los Angeles City Employees Retirement System LACERS

  • Derrick A. Roman

    Independent Director, CommScope and WEX

  • Emma L. Rodriguez-Ayala

    Non-Executive Director, First Bank Chicago

  • Larry Rodo

    President and CEO, Refuel

  • Glyn Richards

    Group Director of Sustainability, Bupa

  • Patrick Richard

    Founder, CEO, Stoneweg US LLC

  • Nina Richardson

    Independent Director, Silicon Labs, Resideo, Eargo, Cohu

  • Edward Ramos CFA

    Independent Director, Optimum Mutual Funds

  • Alan Quintero

    Independent Director, TDIndustries

  • Scott A Price

    Non-Executive Director, Coles Group Australia

  • Prini Pithouse

    Company Secretary, Associate GC, Visa Europe Limited

  • Vanessa Pegueros

    Non Executive Director, Liveperson, BECU, Prisidio

  • Stacie Olivares

    Board Director, KBRA

  • Elsa M. Nunez

    VP & Chief Audit Executive, The Brink’s Company

  • Ralph Monte

    Principal, KPMG

  • Melanie McGrath

    General Counsel, CBCL Limited

  • Luis G Marconi

    Independent Board Director, American Outdoor Brands

  • Anna Malhari

    COO, Veris Residential

  • Fiona MacAulay

    Senior Independent Director, Ferrexpo PLC

  • Adv. Ntika Maake

    Non-Executive Director, Council for Geoscience, South Africa

  • Anita Lynch

    Corporate Board Director/Independent Director, Nasdaq US Exchanges

  • Wendy Luscombe

    Trustee, Acadia Realty Trust

  • Colin Low

    Global Independent Director & Senior Advisor, Diligent Institute

  • Gena C. Lovett Ph.D.

    Independent Director, Trex Company, QuantumScape Corporation, AdvanSix, Inc.

  • Francisco Lorca

    Non Executive Director, MoneyGram

  • Anthony Lopez

    CEO, Legacy Leadership Network

  • Sonita Lontoh

    Board Member, Sunrun Inc., TrueBlue Inc.

  • Kimberly Keating

    Non-Executive Director, Yamana Gold Inc.

  • Naji Kasem

    ESG & Sustainability Leader, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech

  • James David Johnston

    Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Summit Midstream Partners, LP

  • Sandra K Johnson

    Independent Director, Regional Management Corporation

  • Mark G Johnson

    Independent Director, HCF and others

  • Blake Johnson

    Board Delegate, California State Teacher’s Retirement System

  • Craig R Jimenez

    Independent Director, Air Tractor Holdings

  • Pat Hajati Garcia

    Energy Transition Director, Parker Wellbore

  • Kelly Huntington

    Independent Director and People, Culture & Governance Committee Chair, Capital Power

  • Nichol Garzon-Mitchell

    Chief Legal Officer, SVP Corporate Development, Glass Lewis

  • Cari Fisher

    Corporate Secretary, Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc.

  • Julie Fasone Holder

    Independent director, Eastman Chemical

  • Todd Hillman

    Senior Vice President & Chief Customer Officer, MISO Energy

  • Sonia Hernandez

    Sustainability Expert, BNC Brands

  • Anthony Heredia

    SVP – Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Target

  • Sharon Hendricks

    Vice-Chair, CalSTRS

  • Jean Harvey Johnson

    Senior Vice President & General Manager, Fiserv

  • Sheila Hartnett-Devlin

    Director, South Jersey Industries

  • Morgan Hager

    Vice President, Health, Safety, Environment and Regulatory, Chesapeake Energy

  • Dr. Patricia D. Galloway

    Chair, Pegasus Global Holdings, Inc.

  • Deborah E Gallegos

    Managing Director, Co-Head of ESG & Sustainability, Palladium Equity Partners

  • Eric P Etchart

    Independent Board Member, WD40, Graco Inc, The Alamo Group, Uperio Group

  • Kimberly Ellison-Taylor

    Chief Executive Officer, KET Solutions LLC

  • Lisa Edwards

    Executive Chair, Diligent Institute; Board Member, Colgate Palmolive

  • Eric Donnelly

    CEO, Crossroads Impact Corp

  • Rafael Andres Diaz-Granados

    Chair and CEO, Paragon ISG

  • Cindy Davis

    Independent Director, Deckers Brands

  • Kristi Davidson

    Associate General Counsel and Director of Corporate Responsibility, Movado Group, Inc.

  • David Daraio

    Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Maspeth Federal Savings

  • Janet Cooper

    Independent Director, The Toro Company, Lennox International

  • Wendy T. Chin

    Managing Partner, Creative Technology Group

  • John J. Chesnut

    EVP & Chief Financial Officer, Loyalty Ventures

  • Tiffany Thom Cepak

    Non-Executive Director, California Resources Corp, Patterson UTI, Enlink Midstream

  • Oscar H. Castro

    Independent Director

  • Jennifer Carr-Smith

    Non-Executive Director, Woolworths Group

  • Levongia Carrera

    Senior Principal Financial Reporting, Airbnb

  • Sheraun Britton-Parris

    CMO, VisionLabs

  • Vianei Lopez Braun

    Independent Director, First Financial Bankshares, Inc.

  • Philip Bleser

    Independent Director, The Progressive Corporation

  • Will A. Clarke

    Independent Director, Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc., Founder & President Clarke Growth and Sustainment Strategies, LLC

  • Michaela Chaloupkova

    Chief Officer of Administration Division, ČEZ, a.s.

  • Cynthia Burks

    Independent Director, WD-40, Inspire Medical Systems

  • Olga Botero

    Non Executive Director, Evertec Inc (NYSE:EVTC), Esval S.A., Essbio S.A., Altipal SAS, Farmalatam Inc, Grupo Coppel

  • Kateřina Bohuslavová

    Chief Sustainability Officer, CEZ Group

  • Linda L. Addison

    Independent Director, Globe Life Inc., KPMG LLP

  • Peju Adebajo

    Board Director, Ibstock plc

  • Nancy Altobello

    Non-Executive Director, Amphenol, MarketAxess, Wex, Ports America

  • Kapila Kapur

    Anand Non-Executive Director

  • Marisol Angelini

    Independent Board Director, American Vanguard Corporation

  • Anuj Arora

    Company Secretary and DVP- Legal, Aviva Life Insurance Company India Limited

  • Ana Lucia Bastiani-Posner

    EVP & CFO, Kyowa Kirin, Inc

  • Guillermo Beade

    SVP & CEO SC Johnson Lifestyle Brands, SC Johnson

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