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Jessica Hebenstreit

Founder and CEO, Secitup Consulting

Jessica Hebenstreit is the CEO and Founder of Secitup Consulting. She is also the Deputy CISO and Director of Security Operations and Infrastructure for a cloud company. She also serves on the faculty of the IANS organization, consulting with clients on various security challenges. Jessica has distinguished accomplishments in both leadership and information security challenges in her work across the information technology, financial services and healthcare sectors. Widely recognized for bringing organizations together to build trust in information security, as well as to realize the value of a strong organizational security culture. Jessica has a track record of successful delivery of solutions-oriented security platforms and incident-response lifecycles. Throughout her career, Jessica has been sought out for her strong business acumen in her approach to creating information security systems and solutions while demonstrating a fundamental understanding of organizational risk tolerance. She has reported and liaised with Fortune 100 companies for the programs she helped to develop and implement.

Jessica Hebenstreit, Founder and CEO, Secitup Consulting

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