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John Kuhn

Senior Director of Information Technology, Pennsylvania School Boards Association

John Kuhn graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. For 13 years he worked in the video game industry, first as a QA specialist, then an IT intern. When the IT department needed a help desk specialist he moved into that role, and soon began working with servers and networking equipment as a Systems Administrator. John came to PSBA in 2012 as a Systems Support Specialist and from there moved to Systems Architect, then Director of IT followed by Senior Director of IT. His day-to-day roles are ensuring all systems and networks are functioning properly, planning and implementing new projects and initiatives, and working with other departments to give them the tools they need to do their jobs.

In John’s free time he enjoys building instruments (lutherie), playing video games, and spending time with his family and dogs.

John Kuhn

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