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Josh Klein

CEO, Indigometrics

Josh Klein sits on an advisory board for BP’s Launchpad division, as well as for several startups and scale-ups (one of which recently exited for ~$100m). He has worked on the first e-commerce engine, helped implement short codes in the U.S. telco system, and deployed the first distributed EKG analysis platform on the cloud. Since then he’s published three books and hosted three television series on technology innovation, in the process building a thriving advisory practice for groups like World 50, G100, and WEF. He speaks frequently at events from TED to SXSW to NACD and co-hosts Accenture’s award-winning Built for Change podcast. His current company is centered on using AI to measure and manage human capital analytics, and he is launching a project with Jaron Lanier of Microsoft’s AI division to revolutionize the Icelandic education system.

Josh Klein, CEO, Indigometrics

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