Out Leadership Launches First-Ever LGBTQ+ Board Diversity Guidelines for Australia

March 28, 2023

Kira Ciccarelli

Back in 2014, only 2 companies in the Fortune 500 included LGBTQ+ people in their definition of diversity, not because they were anti-gay, but for one simple reason: No one had thought to update the policies since they were written. So Out Leadership took up the challenge. In 2015, Out Leadership published the first-ever LGBTQ+ Board Diversity Guidelines for the United States so that any company who wanted to, could change its policy in ten minutes. Now, Out Leadership is going to bring LGBTQ+ board diversity to Australia because, by their count, only SEVEN ASX 200 companies include LGBTQ+ leaders in their definition of board diversity. Which means 193 companies are missing out. Diligent is proud to support and sponsor OutQUORUM. Learn more

About the author

Lead Research Specialist

Kira Ciccarelli is the Lead Research Specialist of the Diligent Institute, the modern governance think tank and global research arm of Diligent Corporation. In her role, Kira researches and produces high-level modern governance reports, blog articles and podcasts designed to inform director decision-making and highlight best practices.

Before joining Diligent, Kira worked in a variety of data-driven research roles, including analyzing global aid funds to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and compiling a meta-analysis of political experimental findings for the Analyst Institute. She holds a BA in Public Policy from the College of William & Mary.