Modern Governance and ESG: Connecting Board Effectiveness and ESG Maturity

Diligent Institute and the Esade Centre for Corporate Governance set out to learn more about how board effectiveness is related to progress on ESG goals.

Key findings


of the companies in our sample rated a “C” score on ESG performance.


of the companies in our sample had an ESG or sustainability committee.


the correlation between boards with gender equity and higher scores on E&S. 


How well-aligned is the board to environmental and social goals?

This report was originally published by our research partner, Esade Centre for Corporate Governance, in Spanish. It is an abridged and translated version of the original piece, which was published in April 2022.

Modern Governance and ESG: Connecting board effectiveness and ESG maturity report

What is the correlation between metrics used to measure board effectiveness and metrics used to rate Environmental and Social performance? 

Which expertise and skill-set backgrounds at the board level are correlated with board effectiveness?

Are companies with sustainability committees likely to also have higher environmental and social scores?

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