What Directors Think 2023

Diligent Institute and Corporate Board Member surveyed 300 U.S. public company directors about the biggest challenges facing them this year.

Key findings

As the role of the board expands, what are key priorities for 2023 and beyond?


of directors cite growing revenues as a top board priority for 2023.


say that customer satisfaction is the best indicator of company performance.  


say they spend too much time talking about ESG in the boardrooms.


of directors say cybersecurity is the most difficult area for the board to oversee.

Boards & governance

About this report

Every year since 2002, Corporate Board Member has been surveying public company board members in the United States to take their pulse on the issues that were top of mind, the challenges they faced in the year to come and the processes they sought to improve. For our 20th anniversary edition, in a year of continued tumult on many fronts, Corporate Board Member partnered with the Diligent Institute to see what has changed since SOX was the hot issue and what is on the horizon for the years ahead. Overall, 300 qualifying directors participated in the research.

What Directors Think: Still Taking Care of Business Report

How are directors responding to the board’s expanding role? 

75% of directors say board responsibilities will expand in the next 3-5 years


Are directors confident in their peers?

100% of the directors we surveyed believe that their board has the right mix of skillsets to handle the challenges ahead. 

What are boards monitoring?

Our director respondents indicate that they are keeping an eye on Fed policy, interest rates, labor costs and the regulatory environment in 2023.   

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