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What are the biggest trends in compliance in 2024?

Explore key compliance trends according to the latest findings from Diligent Market Intelligence.

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ESG Strategy and Oversight in Indian Boardrooms

Diligent Institute and the Institute of Directors, India, surveyed Indian directors on their organizations’ ESG

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Trends in board ESG priorities: comparing the U.S. and Europe

Directors in the U.S. see ESG matters more as a risk to be mitigated, while European directors see ESG as an

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ESG & climate oversight in the spotlight

Most boards don’t have directors with climate expertise. Discover how this influences ESG oversight and long-term

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Sustainability in the spotlight: ESG oversight in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA)

One reason for attention on ESG in the MENA region is the recognition of the link between sustainability and economic

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Sustainability in the spotlight: how does the global view of ESG compare to ESG oversight in India?

In India, ESG has come to be a vital part of investment decision-making and a greater focus for boards. Learn how

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Sustainability in the Spotlight: Has ESG Lost Momentum in the Boardroom?

Diligent Institute and Spencer Stuart surveyed nearly 1000 board members on their organizations’ ESG practices and

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Review of the SEC’s proposal of “Enhancement and Standardization of Climate-Related Disclosures”

The SEC’s proposed climate rules seek to provide investors with consistent, comparable, & decision-useful information.

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Surge in Asian activism driven by domestic investors

Shareholder activism is rising in Asia. This rise is caused by increased activity from domestic investors and mounting

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America’s partisan politics puts proxy season in the spotlight

Companies understand investors’ views on climate. Other ESG issues are a mix of crisis management and addressing

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