Out Leadership Launches First-Ever LGBTQ+ Board Diversity Guidelines for Australia

Back in 2014, only 2 companies in the Fortune 500 included LGBTQ+ people in their definition of diversity, not because they were anti-gay, but for one simple reason: No one had thought to update the policies since they were written. So Out Leadership took up the challenge.

In 2015, Out Leadership published the first-ever LGBTQ+ Board Diversity Guidelines for the United States so that any company who wanted to, could change its policy in ten minutes.

Now, Out Leadership is going to bring LGBTQ+ board diversity to Australia because, by their count, only SEVEN ASX 200 companies include LGBTQ+ leaders in their definition of board diversity. Which means 193 companies are missing out.

Diligent is proud to support and sponsor OutQUORUM.

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