Our weekly web show Inside Today’s Boardrooms and Corporate Director Podcast feature corporate leaders and subject-matter experts dissecting the latest trends in corporate governance.

Inside Today’s Boardrooms

Insights from the Global Investor Survey

February 14, 2024

Understanding your investors and their perspectives is essential for fostering alignment towards sustainable value creation. How can boards integrate this into their decision-making?

Matt DiGuiseppe, Managing Director at PwC’s Governance Insights Center, talks through the findings from their annual Global Investor Survey in this episode of Inside Today’s Boardrooms.

  • What factors beyond traditional financial performance are investors considering?
  • Has there been a shift in the type or quality of data that investors are looking at?


Matt DiGuiseppe

Managing Director, PwC Governance Insights Center

The Corporate Director Podcast

Insights from What Directors Think 2024

In this episode, Melanie Nolen, Research Editor, Chief Executive Group and Amy Rojik, Managing Principal of Corporate Governance, BDO, delve into key findings from What Directors Think 2024, an annual survey of U.S. public company directors conducted by Corporate Board Member, Diligent Institute and BDO.

In this episode:

  1. 2023 recap: Nolen and Rojik discuss the impacts of 2023 on directors’ outlook for the future 
  1. The 2024 board agenda: Nolen and Rojik discuss the findings that surprised them the most this year and what items directors most want to bring up at their next board meeting. 
  1. Cyber and AI impacts: Nolen and Rojik touch on the issues directors list as the most challenging for board oversight.  


Melanie Nolen

Research Editor, Chief Executive Group

Amy Rojik

Managing Principal of Corporate Governance, BDO