Our weekly web show Inside Today’s Boardrooms and Corporate Director Podcast feature corporate leaders and subject-matter experts dissecting the latest trends in corporate governance.

Inside Today’s Boardrooms

Getting director upskilling right

May 8, 2024

In this episode of Inside Today’s Boardrooms, Patricia Galloway, Board Chair at Pegasus-Global Holdings, Inc., and Board Member at Stantec and Granite Construction, offers invaluable insights and practical guidance for companies seeking to enhance the skills of their board members through ongoing education and certification programs. 

  • What are some subject areas where director education programs are particularly beneficial? 
  • How can board directors discern high-quality educational programs? 


Patricia Galloway

Chair: Pegasus-Global Holdings, Inc., Board Member: Stantec, Granite Construction

The Corporate Director Podcast

Inside the IPO process

Navigating the IPO journey can seem daunting. How can companies stay ahead of the curve? In this episode of the Corporate Director Podcast, Nithya Das, Chief Legal and Administrative Officer at Diligent, offers actionable insights for private companies aspiring to go public. She shares valuable advice on understanding the path forward, managing stakeholder expectations, and ensuring a smooth transition into the public sphere. 

In this episode:

  1. Bringing the right experience: Das discusses her professional journey and the steps that led her to serve as a general counsel for numerous pre-IPO companies. 
  1. IPO preparation: Das provides talks through the essential items that should be included on the pre-IPO governance checklist for private companies. 
  1. Stakeholder management: Das offers her perspective on effectively balancing the diverse demands and expectations of different stakeholders throughout the IPO process. 


Nithya Das

Chief Legal and Administrative Officer, Diligent