Next Gen Board Leaders

Next Gen Board Leaders

What Is the Next Gen Board Leaders Program?

Next Gen Board Leaders was created in response to the digital complexities and shifting demographics impacting today’s companies. The program is designed to highlight the value that a younger generation of board members can bring to emerging areas of board oversight such as digital transformation, cyber risk, talent strategy, sustainability and climate risk.

Produced by Diligent Institute in partnership with Spencer Stuart and and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, Next Gen Board Leaders will not only connect ‘next-gen’ directors with one another, but will spark discussion around the challenges, opportunities, and contributions of younger directors in today’s boardrooms.

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Why the Focus on 'Next Gen'?

Board composition has been identified as a top priority by major investors, who are demanding better alignment between board of director skill sets and new areas of board oversight. Today’s companies are tasked with building sustainable, stakeholder-centered companies, attracting new generations of talent, and mitigating cyber risk—all things that today’s corporate directors must oversee in the scope of long-term value creation.

In addition, next-gen board members face many opportunities and obstacles on the path to corporate directorship. Too many boards lack effective onboarding practices; yet, young directors are often expected to immediately adapt, acquire the appropriate skills, and navigate a 20+ year age gap with their fellow directors. Next Gen Board Leaders creates a forum for current directors to share their experiences, and it promotes the natural diversification of skill sets that occurs when boards are regularly revisiting strategy and composition alignment.

Building a Community for Younger Public Company Directors

At its core, this community is comprised of directors in their 30s and 40s, all currently serving on public company boards. This diverse group of directors meets a few times a year under Chatham House rules to learn from one another’s experiences, hear from expert speakers, and tackle governance challenges through a generational lens.


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