Stakeholder Capitalism: Translating Corporate Purpose into Board Practice

Read Diligent Institute’s report to learn how corporate leaders are addressing the impact of their decisions on society.

Over the past few years – and accelerating in the first half of 2020  many companies have issued statements on their broader social purpose.  In this report, Diligent Institute set out to determine if the positive sentiments of corporate leaders translate into action and systemic change.  

The report explores: 

  • How corporate directors are thinking about “corporate social purpose” and stakeholder capitalism
  • What specific board practices and behaviors are changing as a result

This report examined responses to a survey from over 400 corporate leadersfollowing a panel program on “Measuring Stakeholder Capitalism.” The report provides a glimpse into how corporate directors and executives are acting on the sentiment that stakeholder interests are critically important to long-term business viability.  

Read the full report to dig into the numbers, discern how corporate leaders in the United States compare to those in other parts of the world, learn about director perspectives, and consider the implications for your board.